Our services

Konen 360 allows managing the technological part of your business so that you can free up and focus on what is most important - the strategic part of your business. In addition to reducing costs in the area of systems.

Essential Business Solutions

Basic services for businesses of any size and industry. 

Technical support

Through a fixed monthly fee, we handle service all your equipment.

From a computer to hundreds of them, we take care of your business will not stand by technical problems.


We offer personalized service email.

We have different mail systems, depending on your business needs.

Applications development

We handle from the overall management of the project or collaborate with your team to implement certain project part. 

Application Architecture

We ensure that your application is designed for your current and future requirements.

A good application architecture helps reduce maintenance and support costs. In the short term, can reduce unnecessary re-work and long term lets grow to support future needs.

Development Code

Using technologies developed depending on your needs. 

We have experience using Microsoft and Open Source technologies for the Web. In the Microsoft environment, we have over 10 years of experience with the .NET Framework, Classic ASP, and SQL Server.

Informatic security

If your application needs, we protect your computer application problems.

Solutions to protect business security issues today.

Quality Testing

We ensure that your application to work correctly.

Automated solutions that test the application to render the quality standards required by the business.

About Us

We are a group of professionals that provides marketing solutions and technology. We have over 12 years experience in projects of different industries and companies we work with Mexico and the United States. Our goal is to provide each of our clients solutions that enable your business to keep growing. We believe that no goal can not be reached. We invite you to know more about who we are.

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