E-commerce Shopify for Local Convenience Store

We implemented Shopify to sell efficiently on-line and in the store of this local convenience store. We gave the option of "curbside pick-up" and "local delivery" to help the business stay competitive during this unprecedented COVID-19 situation.

The owner of a local convenience store was looking for a way to expand their business by start selling on-line. We implemented Shopify for their on-line e-commerce website and replaced their legacy POS system with Shopify POS. By using Shopify we were able to create an omni-channel presence while minimizing integration efforts on separate systems. This has brought operational efficiencies while being able to sell through multiple channels - on-line and in the store.

We took care of almost everything, as we knew the business owner was very busy operating the store. We did the refinement of content for more than 3,000+ products, including updating the product descriptions and defining the images. At the moment of this writing, the work is still in progress.