Office 365 for Cuatro Torres

We installed and configured Office 365 for Cuatro Torres, and provide support when there is a need.

Cuatro Torres was looking for a way to efficiently collaborate as a team (some of them distributed physically in different states and with high mobility), and with customers and vendors, while keeping data secure from common threads (theft, data corruption). At the same time, they want to make sure all their documents produced as part of running the business, to be kept always safe. We look around for different solutions in the market, and we decided that best path to take was Office 365, which is a full suite for collaboration (Outlook, Skype / Teams, Word, Excel, OneDrive) bundled and well-integrated minimizing inefficiencies at any point of time. Not all users needed the same level of functionality, so we setup the configuration that was needed to avoid over-paying for unused functionality. Up to this point, the company loves working with Office 365 due to the productivity they are getting from it.